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SuperTop Induction Coffee Makers


Sizes: 3 Cups, 6 Cups

Colours: Red, Black

Induction‘ is the latest innovation in the field of household goods in general, and kitchenwares, cooking stoves and heat sources, in particular.

Provided with specially magnetized hotplates, Induction allows you to cook, heat up or prepare any product in a record time 2/3 times lower than normal levels of cooking gas or electricity, if the tool used for it, is equipped with an Induction-friendly special bottom.

Top Moka Italia couldn’t, but adapt, to this important new technology, already highly requested in countries like France, Germany and Spain, and rapidly growing worlwide, equipping many of its models to respond positively to the market demand

Supertop lines induction is outfitted with a polished boiler, technologically taking to the very top the Moka Espresso produced in Italy.

Inserted one by one, with meticulous attention, in fine white bags, to preserve their integrity, are subsequently placed in stylish boxes.

Available in 3-6 cups sizes, in 2 different classy colours. Super Top the very best of Italian craftsmanship for those who want the true Mediterranean flavour, ‘Italy’ imprinted!

Our coffee makers are treated with Carbon, which allows the “magnet” effect, and Titanium coated to avoid any sort of oxidation. The boilers have an absorption of 3/400 watts and have a diameter of 107 mm in accordance with EEC rules and policy.


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Platinum & Red Blend Coffee Beans (2x1kg)


Platinum Beans: Arabica 90% and Robusta 10%

Red Blend Coffee Beans: Arabica 85% and Robusta 15%

This blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from Southern and Central America reveals a delicate harmony between its full body, aroma and acidity. Carefully selected and orchestrated blend with tasting notes of cocoa, velvety crema and a long-lasting aftertaste. Tonino Lamborghini’s Red Blend is a bold statement coffee for home or office whether prepared with traditional homebrewers or with a coffee machine.

Platinum Coffee Beans (2x1kg)


Tonino Lamborghini’s Platinum line offers a superb blend of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Medium-bodied, and aroma rich, this blend presents you with pleasantly balanced fruity tasting notes and acidity for that perfect coffee whether at work or on your days off.

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